Industry Experience The firm is proud to have been fulfilling the distribution reach to cater the N.E.Region successfully, this could be well verified with our vast 'liaison agents' in different regions of North East. Quick Start
Management & Operations Firm's management and operation is stratified vertically. The management is executed, supported and controlled by the proprietor with the aid of the personnel so appointed in various lines of operations or departments. Get Started
Storage Space Several godowns ranging from the size of 1800 square meter to 5000 square meter are operational in different location for smooth supply to the liaison agents. Currently involved in the construction of structured automated godown space of about 45000 square meter (located in Guwahati) for the liaisons and embarking the expansion of our operation. Get Started
The key success of the GKT Ability to effectively distribute the consignment, to which the firm has the fleet of:
>> 2 trucks of 9T load capacity each (inter-state transit)
>> 2 pick-up van (local dispersion)
>> 2 pick-up auto (local dispersion)
This could well define the service we cater to the consignor both in-station and off-station.
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GKT looks in bridging the gap between the liaison agents and become kingpin in the industry of distribution and logistics peripheral in the region and further integrate backward.

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further as C&F agents, distributor, stockiest or as such should the same be awarded to us after acknowledging us worthy to merit your consideration for such appointments.

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The firm is adopting the modern trade practices for keeping in ties with the trade practices in the industry of logistic and trading practices.

Office Locations:

Typography Offices are located in Guwahati and Naharlagun (Arunachal Pradesh), providing adequate coverage and accessibility to operate in different regions in N.E.Region.

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Typography Astute planning, vision with tenacity of purpose, hard work and focused dedication towards the fore-vision of the firm, we have achieved appreciable turnover in ascending order. The figure listed below are based on the actuals:

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Our bankers who are listed below could verify the solvency of the firm.

Colors Our bankers are:
>>  Axis Bank
>>  SBI
>>  HDFC Bank
The transaction with the bank is in a highly appreciable level and stage. There is no loan or cash credit facility enjoyed or required, since currently we are financially solvent.

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