Pioneers in distribution & C&F for FMCG.

GKT The company looks in bridging the gap between the liaison agents and become kingpin in the industry of distribution and logistics peripheral in the region and further integrate backward. The growth of the firm lead to relocation of the firm to head office Guwahati (Assam), with the formation of Guru Kripa Trading in Naharlagun (Arunachal Pradesh), as distributor and manufacturer of Biri in Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Assam. The scope in the market was recognized in the early stages, which again catered to the formation of short-term mission for the firm.

This had embarked the start of our business, from first and still pioneering in distribution and C&F for FMCG products (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). The opportunity for growth was identified and capitalized which turned and toil the business many fold in the path of growth, by exploiting the opportunities available in the market, as well as with the expertize of the visionary and founder.

We provide Value-Added Services, which are based on specific needs of organizations - services that simplify your organization processes and enhance customer satisfaction. These services include order processing, Billing, Storing, Handling, Inspection, Repackaging, Transportation and Customer Complaint Handling.

GKT provides a high-calibre cost-effective system that tailors services like procurement of warehouses and staffing to your specific requirements for the delivered quantity or destinations, handle inbound and outbound inventory, schedule and coordinate the routing of products, can adapt to meet all customer requirements and perform.

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